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La Jeunesse Choirs is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.  We are actively involved in addressing differences in challenges seen and unseen.  We believe that we all have valuable life experiences and knowledge.  Our programming and modes of operation follow these principles.  Our programming will continue to be inventive, innovative, self expressive and based on everyone's unique capabilities and talent.

"I really appreciate what Markus Howard, Debbie Fingas, Anne Burnham, and the rest of La Jeunesse has done to improve my abilities over the past 2 years. You are amazing and my heroes." 
-Choir Member

La Jeunesse Choirs is a dedicated and respected charitable organization, run by our Board of Directors, whose mission is to support, share and celebrate the diverse musical talents of Northumberland’s youth.

Since its inception in 1988, La Jeunesse Choir has provided its members with the highest possible caliber of musical experience and training. Many of our alumni have gone to enjoy successful musical careers, including the renowned


folk music trio, The Good Lovelies.

From an initial membership of 20 girls, the choir has expanded to include three choirs and a Musical Theatre Intensive group, with youth ranging in age from four to 19. The choirs draw membership from across Northumberland County and beyond.


Our choirs – comprised of 3 distinct groups – are directed by outstanding Artistic Staff. They challenge young people, through their music-making, to develop ever-increasing expectations of their potential as individuals and as choir members. The choirs provide youth with the opportunity for meaningful community service that enriches the cultural life of Northumberland County. Whether preparing to perform original pieces commissioned for the choir or learning to sing in Spanish, Latin, Tagalog, or an African tongue, the work demands discipline, respect and responsibility from every choir member. They, in turn, gain an unequalled sense of accomplishment and experience the thrill of performing. A very special bond is formed through this demanding form of physical, intellectual and emotional teamwork. We believe the life experience these young musicians gain through the choirs shape our youth as future community leaders.

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