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Our thrilling triple threat training program for youth who share a passion for the performing arts. Our exceptional staff and guest artists guide participants through weekly classes, workshops and lessons in all disciplines geared for the stage, screen and recording studio. Designed to inspire and excite students to achieve their personal best, the comprehensive program builds self-confidence and team-building skills, while allowing each child to find their individual voice

The Musical Theatre Intensive is for youth ages 7 to 19. All participants must be registered in one of the core choirs. This year, the Musical Theatre group will participate in the fall and spring concerts.


Topics covered will include:

  • Acting

    • Improvisation

    • Monologues

    • Scene Study

    • Stage and Camera Auditioning

    • Comedy

  • Dance & Movement

    • Group Choreography

    • Musical Theatre Group Performance

    • Stretch and Strength

    • Contact Improvisation

  • Solo Voice and Chorus

    • Studio recording project

    • Pop/Folk solo

    • Musical Theatre solo

    • Vocal Ensemble

    • Musical Festival Participation

"The professionalism of each La Jeunesse performance is a testament to the quality of the instruction and the enthusiasm of the kids"

-K. Harrison, Parent

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