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The main choir Les Choristes Choir performs the largest repertoire and has the greatest body of performers, aged 7 to 19. The music is challenging and varied: choristers are exposed to many forms of choral music and sing in a number of different languages, in order to broaden their awareness of global and classical music. Participants sing in up to four-part harmonies and develop a basic understanding of music theory and score reading.

This group work to a very high standard of choral singing with an equal emphasis this season on singing with staging and presentation/performance.

The Les Choristes Choir participates in the seasonal concerts. Festivals, workshops, and trips are also planned for the season.


Les Choristes rehearsals will be

Tuesdays 5:45 - 7:15 pm


The original La Jeunesse Choir, an internationally recognised group, has travelled and performed in Austria, Spain and across Canada. It has won five gold medals and has recorded seven cds, the most recent being an original piece written specifically for the choir by composer Sarah Quartel.
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