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La Jeunesse Cookie Store

Buy really yummy baked goods and support the La Jeunesse Choirs. Talk about a win-win!

The choir will bake all this stuff on December 14th, and will deliver to your house on December 15th (we will deliver within Northumberland County).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are seriously good cookies! Almost as good as Grandma used to make!


They've got chocolate chips, oatmeal, butter, and a bit of flour.


Shortbread Cookies

Mmmmmm ... you know you want some shortbread!


They've got flour, sugar, butter and maraschino cherries!


Gingerbread Children's Choir

Sweet and gingery, with a satisfying crunch! They're bite-sized gingery ankle biters! 

They've got flour, butter, brown sugar, eggs, molasses and spices.

$8.00/four dozen

Gingerbread Senior Choir

These gingerbread choristers are a lot bigger, but just as yummy! For when you need to bite someone's head off!


Like the junior gingerbread choristers, they've got flour, butter, brown sugar, eggs, molasses and spices.



They're rich, chocolate treats! This is the real thing!


They've got flour, butter, sugar, cocoa and eggs, but no nuts!


Christmas is a time of tradition!

If the Paypal shopping cart isn't working for you, or you'd prefer a more traditional way to order your goodies, try out our official Old-Fashioned Order Form! Just like the way things used to be!

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