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Rehearsals start September 14 2021


Trinity United Church - Tuesdays

La Jeunesse Registration Choir-Theatre Combo

Welcome to La Jeunesse Choirs! We have an exciting year planned for the choirs and Musical Theatre program.

La Jeunesse Registration Choir-Theatre Combo
La Jeunesse Registration Choir-Theatre Combo

Time & Location

Rehearsals start September 14 2021

Trinity United Church - Tuesdays, 284 Division St, Cobourg, ON K9A 3R1, Canada


About the Event

Choir-Theatre Combo - Tuesdays, 4:15-6:15

“Voices Inspired” and “Legally Blonde Jr”   (45 minutes, 75 minutes)

Full Choir and Musical Theatre Intensive will be combined for the first time into a performance package on Tuesday afternoons from 4:15-6:15. The ensemble will work on uplifting music that fills our souls with the joy of singing choir repertoire in the “Voices Inspired” Series.  Then we pivot, muster up some sass and wit, and throw on something pink. No one will object! as we dive into the script and score of “Legally Blonde Jr”. This high-energy, hilariously empowering musical will be the perfect vehicle to welcome us back, under the spotlights. Finally La Jeunesse will be back doing what we love the most in this season of music, laughter, and togetherness.

Necessary Safety Measures and Precautions - Three Options

La Jeunesse will be following the highest of safety standards while welcoming as many of our young people back in person, and we offer you three options to consider.

Option 1: Singers who are vaccinated can participate in the Tuesday choir-theatre combo with an additional 5 Saturday Legally Blonde Jr rehearsals in the fall.

Option 2: Unvaccinated singers will be required to do rapid testing (provided by the choir) at the beginning of every rehearsal, along with a temperature check. This will require an arrival 20 minutes ahead of the session, to be administered outside.They can then participate in the Tuesday choir-theatre combo and the additional 5 Saturday Legally Blonde Jr rehearsals in the fall.

Option 3: Legally blonde camp experience. For younger members of the community and those who may not be able to meet our indoor safety requirements, singers may participate in a 5-week Legally Blonde Camp Experience. For 5 weeks in the fall, they can join the full cast

for an outdoor, socially distanced workshop where you will learn choreography, music, and scene work with the Artistic Team, and guest workshop leaders! Members of camp will give a short performance on their last day to show what they have worked on. We hope many of our younger members will consider this fantastic option, and feel like they are a part of the La Jeunesse Legal Team!

It is our hope that as vaccinations become available for younger members, camp participants previously not comfortable or able to participate in options 1 and 2 will be able to transition to join us on Tuesdays and become chorus members in the final production.

Masks, hand sanitation, and social distancing will continue to be in place both indoors and outdoors. (our mask policy when outdoors will evolve as per current mandates.)

Clue: On Stage    A Hilarious….and Dangerous Farce

In addition to our “Voices Inspired” and “Legally Blonde Jr.” projects, members of La Jeunesse will also be a part of a smaller project, “Clue: On Stage”, a play based on the board game and the 1985 movie hit, Clue. With workshops from the Stratford Festival’s Gabi Epstein, and the Randolph Academy’s Cara Pantalone Brown, performers will conjure up their best Col. Mustard or Mrs. Peacock.


  • Choir-Theatre Combo

    Full year Voices Inspired, Legally Blonde Jr and Clue: On Stage Tuesdays 4:15-6:15pm Fall session; Sept 14 - Nov 23. Rehearsals resumes Jan 11 Saturdays 10am - noon Sept 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 16

  • Legally Blonde Camp Experience

    5 Saturdays of Legally Blonde Jr. with the full cast. Ends with a mini-performance Saturdays 10am - noon Sept 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 16

  • Choir MTI combo -pay by cheque

    If you wish to register here and pay by cheque or monthly instalments, register and contact the office to make payment




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