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Bingo fundraising brings La Jeunesse Choirs an yearly income that has ranged between $ 6,000 to almost $15,000 per year through the last 5 years alone.

The cost for the choir and musical theatre programs have remained at levels less than one third of what similar groups from larger markets cost with the help of Bingo income.  Bingo is organized by a dedicated team with the assistance of volunteers each scheduled date. 

If we had to give up Bingo due to lack of support and volunteers then fees would increase accordingly.  

Sign up and volunteer for one, two or many Bingo dates with the link to the right.


Other yearly fundraisers have included many different ideas such as  selling poinsettias, spring flowers, raffle tickets, bee works honey/candles or contributing silent auction items.  

Families will be expected to participate in all fundraising campaigns and help sell tickets to our two concerts and our musical production.

Families will be personally approached about volunteering towards a successful choir year from selling tickets to painting sets. 


Our exciting season offers many opportunities for family and friends to help the organization run smoothly and make the children have the best experience ever.  



Thank you to everyone who participated in the March 2023 fundraiser.
We will announce winners shortly. 




Happy almost spring  La Jeunesse Families! Time is flying by, and we have a lot of exciting events coming up. It’s also time for the spring fundraiser, and we are excited to be working with The Bee Works, a local business out of Port Hope for this year’s fundraiser. 


Important Dates:  

Fundraiser Begins: February 22nd 2023

Order due to The Bee Works (through your organizer Dana Petrillo) March 21st 2023

Order to be delivered to Trinity United Church Saturday April 1st (By your organizer Dana Petrillo)


Please see all of the fundraising forms attached to this member. You will be able to print them if needed, and paper copies will be handed out at rehearsal on Tuesday night for those who would like as well. 


The Bee Works fundraising program offers some amazing incentives, both for the whole choir, and for the chorister who sells the most. 

If the choir reaches, and surpasses $3000 in total sales, every chorister will be able to attend a Me and the Bees Tour with a beekeeper at The Bee Works/Dancing Bee Equipment. The top selling chorister will receive a $25 gift certificate to The Bee Works Gift Shop, as well as a 2 for 1 pass to Reptilia Zoo in Whitby. 


Each of these goals is attainable, we would like each chorister to aim for $100 in sales. Post online, share, share, share! 


I will be at the end of rehearsal Tuesday February 28th to answer any questions you may have. 


Please email me at or La Jeunesse Choirs if you have any questions. Have a great night and happy selling! 


Dana Petrillo 

La Jeunesse Board Chair

FundraiseWithTheBeeWorks PAGE 2_edited.jpg
FundraiseWithTheBeeWorks PAGE 2_edited.jpg
FundraiseWithTheBeeWorks PAGE-1.jpg

awesome  Incentives

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Bees at Work
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